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L.O.S.T – the heroes of this game were able to survive the plane crash and now have to fight for life on a deserted island. What if you survived after your plane crashed on a desert island, how to protect yourself from dangers and survive in the wild conditions of mother nature? These and many other questions will be answered by an action-game “Survival” game called “L.O.S.T” from the Warmice studio! L.O.S.T is an action-style survival simulator where the main task is to keep your character alive amid many dangers that threaten him. In this game you will take on the role of one of the survivors of a plane crash on a desert island. The main threats that lie in wait for you and the main tasks that you must complete in order to survive are finding shelter to protect yourself from natural disasters, finding friends with whom it will be easier to fight enemies and collect resources that are limited. You will have to search for various items, collect resources, create weapons and equipment. Also, players will have access to “PvE” and “PvP” game modes: the choice is yours, fight with other players or work together. L.O.S.T is a unique adventure, the island’s gaming locations are made up of beaches, rainforests, swamps, volcanoes and other extraordinary places such as an expedition ship from the 80s, secret research institutes, ancient dungeons and abandoned temples. Anyone looking for a game like this will be thrilled with the gameplay capabilities of L.O.S.T!
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Category Action
Latest Version 1.15.1
Publish Date 25.07.2020
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