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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

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The description

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints – is the third part of the gangsters series, and therefore we can safely say that the developers ate the dog on the “GTA” games. And if the first part of the criticism was frankly scolded, the second was slightly scolded, then the third can already be praised.

So, the plot of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is quite standard for this kind of game. You are a member of a criminal syndicate, but you dream of tying up with a gangster life and go somewhere far away, but they do not want to let you go alive. In general, the main batch of the game begins with this. The storyline is accompanied by cut scenes with dialogs, from which we learn about the difficult fate of our hero.

By the way, in addition to the main missions, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints makes it possible to perform various additional tasks, participate in races and collect various objects scattered on the map. You can also earn a taxi driver, if there is interest. Details can always be viewed on the map. There is also a menu of your game progress. And on the map, you can, by the way, set any point and the navigator (already on the minimap) will show you the path.

From Gangstar Rio: City of Saints menu, you can immediately start the story mission. If you do not want to get to it on your own, just click on the corresponding icon on the map and the mission will begin. With additional missions (work), this focus will not work.

Returning to the game world: in Gangstar Rio, during the passage of missions, you can freely shoot, drive cars and motorbikes, try hand-to-hand combat, evade prosecution by law enforcement officers and even fly by helicopter. And to play more fun, the developers “stuffed” several radio stations into the game and even the ability to insert their tracklist.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints world (i.e., the city itself) is not bad (by the standards of mobile games) and looks more or less lively and interesting. We steal cars, rob passers-by, buy clothes and weapons in special shops, and along the way we get all sorts of dubious achievements (breaking a certain number of objects or something like that).

In general, the developers tried to make Gangstar Rio: City of Saints long and versatile enough.

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Updated 16.01.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.2.2b
Publish Date 18.08.2017
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