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Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS

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The description

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS is another representative of one of the most popular and widespread genres of games for mobile platforms. Namely, multiplayer first-person shooters. The classic division into two teams, various modes, a dozen maps, an arsenal of weapons, as well as much more, including beautiful graphics with convenient controls, will please fans of shootouts with other players. A variety of tasks and conditions will not allow gamers to get bored even after a long stay in the game. And the system of development and achievements adds even more interest to the gameplay.

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS is a modern first-person shooter where team shootings in cool locations await you.

First of all, the game will appeal to all fans of Counter Strike, as in this game you are waiting for a shoot-out between terrorists and special forces. Choose one of the parties to the conflict, arm your fighter with the best guns and go to one of several dozen locations.

All battles take place in real time. To win, you must first destroy 20 opponents. Since the game is a team game, you do not have to deal with all enemies yourself and make 20 frags, it will be enough not to interfere and timely come to the aid of teammates. Depending on the useful actions during the match, you will receive your reward in the form of silver and gold coins, as well as experience points that allow you to increase the current character level. There shouldn’t be any problems with managing, you will use a multi-position joystick to move around the map, swipe for aiming and a set of buttons for shooting, reloading and changing the current type of weapon.

With the proceeds from the battle, you can purchase new weapons, as well as upgrade it. The player is offered a choice: a gun, a shotgun, an automatic rifle, a sniper rifle and ordinary knives. Improvements to weapons allow you to increase the amount of ammunition in the clip, reduce the dispersion during firing and increase the damage done to enemies.

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Updated 20.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 9.23
Publish Date 16.05.2018
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Previous versions
v9.23 - Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.42 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.4 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.3 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.23 - Original + Mod: Infinite ammo
v8.22 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.21 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.2 - Mod: Unlimited Bullet/No Reload
v8.11 - Original + Mod: Infinite ammo