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The description

Bully: Anniversary Edition is a game that has become one of the most popular in the Rockstar lineup. And the port to Android platform has also become a real hit. The plot is based on the life of the troubled schoolboy Jimmy Hopkins. That is what you will manage throughout the game. The main character will face many injustices at school. Corrupt teachers, arrogant students – this is only a small part of such a mess that occurs in an educational institution.

Your task is to prove that you are not just a whipping boy. You will not be a victim, but you will do everything to put in place the presumptuous teachers or arrogant students. You will definitely like how you can play everyone and everyone here. The game is not without its love line. There is an opportunity to “hook” one of the local beauties.


Here at the center of the relationship is only brute force. By the way, not only schoolchildren became adherents of cruel rules. The player of Bully: Anniversary Edition himself will try on the skin of a young bully. He should adapt to new conditions in order to continue to commit atrocities with impunity. The user will have to repulse the hooligans, establish their own rules, steal other people’s things, and dirty up in the most sophisticated ways.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg”, but the player has many other opportunities to prove himself. The main thing is to gain popularity so that your authority is recognized by schoolchildren of different groups: athletes, nerds, pitching. It is necessary to act in a comprehensive manner, that is, to win high popularity among all at once!

Job system

In Bully: Anniversary Edition our hero has to participate in school dismantling, go to classes, be responsible for pranks and absenteeism (teachers prescribe punishments). You are given the opportunity to write words, solve problems and set chemical experiments, show sports achievements. The result of the task depends on the timeliness of execution; the clock can be seen in the corner. Keeping track of time is especially important after lights out.

Game process

Fighting back against hooligans, enforcing your own rules, stealing things, doing dirty tricks in the classroom using chemical reagents is just a small part of what you have to do in Bully: Anniversary Edition! It is important to gain popularity among different groups of schoolchildren (nerds, athletes, jocks, just plain ones). Moreover, it will be necessary to act not selectively, but in a complex way – you need to gain high popularity among everyone!

The game implements an exciting system of tasks, which include participating in a showdown with other students, attending classes, performing punishments from teachers for absenteeism and pranks. Speaking of classes. It is enough to download Bully: Anniversary Edition on your Android device, and you will be able to solve puzzles, make words, participate in sports competitions, put experiments in the chemistry room.

A feature of the gameplay is also a clear reference tasks to time. A clock is always located in the corner, tracking the time by which is especially important after the lights out.

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