Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

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The description

Battlelands Royale – amused and in places with frankly casual manifestations of action in the mechanics of “royal battle”. Gamers are offered a top view, 32 participants on the map, short-lived battles (3-5 minutes), low-poly graphics with a bright palette, as well as cute characters that can act in any conditions and scenery, wherever they land after the jump. On earth, they will be able to find masks, weapons, pharmacies and other elements that will help turn an ordinary shootout into an epoch-making event, though quickly ending, to the joy of all participants in this event.

Battlelands Royale is a top-down multiplayer shooter where you have to survive in a cartoon world collecting weapons, ammunition and other resources.

The game can please not only the original design, but also a top view, as well as short dynamic matches against real players who want to win in all available ways.

The gameplay of the game is in many ways similar to the popular games in the “battle royale” genre, but in a more simplified format. You will not have any equipment, a character can only move with his feet. It is interesting that the game also has no equipment, the character will use the weapon that he last picked up from the ground. You can replenish ammunition by collecting the same weapons. You can also pick up energy barriers and first-aid kits that restore health.

As for game modes, there are only three of them. Standard, where each player is for himself, a duo with your friend or a random player from the network. With the management of problems should not arise, a virtual joystick and a set of buttons. The winner receives the money spent on buying new characters and skins, and experience points allow you to climb up the table of world leaders.

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Updated 28.04.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 2.5.3
Publish Date 02.04.2018
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