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The description

Here, in the ruins of a once great civilization, the Badlanders fight for treasure and glory. The Red Beach Sanctuary was once the world’s most advanced weapons technology, but in the face of natural disasters, it has become a beacon to preserve science and technology for all of humanity. However, this did not last long as war broke out and the conservation plan collapsed. The only thing left on this bloody beach is huge ruins, competing scavengers, and endless possibilities. Get ready and get ready to enter a hot zone of wealth and danger. 25 Badlanders enter the battlefield, each with their own goal. Take enemies head-on to deprive them of their loot, or slowly build up your arsenal from the chests scattered around the map. Here, some become rich overnight, while others lose everything. How to improve your chances of survival in order to get more loot? Upgrading your gear might be a good idea. Weapons, armor, grenades. All improvements can be brought to the battlefield. But be careful: the more equipment you have, the more you will attract the attention of other badlanders who will want to take it from you.

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Latest Version 1.0
Publish Date 03.09.2020