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Armed Heist

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The description

Armed heist – help a professional robber make many robberies of banks and other places that are well guarded by armed fighters. The protagonist of this game for Android seeks to build a career in the underworld and get rich. For this, he robs jewelry stores, cash vaults of banks, armored cars of collectors, etc. But the life of a robber is dangerous, since all valuables are protected by the police. Manage character actions on challenging missions. Win skirmishes with numerous enemies. Buy equipment.

Armed Heist is a very impressive third-person action game that pretty accurately copies the famous simulator of raids and robberies. Gamers will also take on the role of dashing bandits and go for a walk with the goal of enrichment in various locations. They need not only to shoot a lot and use explosives, but also to overcome various thick barriers on the way to their cherished goal. Well, after all the traditions, they should try to break away from the police chase. Various elements of ammunition, an arsenal of weapons and gadgets, various cards in structure and much more will appeal to fans of the most dynamic entertainment.

Armed Heist – an unusual third-person shooter, where you will plan and then carry out bank robberies.

The main goal of the game is to rob a bank, as well as stealing the maximum amount that you can take out of their vault together with your comrades in the case. Naturally, you need not only to get inside the guarded premises, but also to get out of it intact, along the way, exchanging fire with security guards and armed policemen.

The control is a familiar virtual joystick and a set of buttons on the edges of the display. I am glad that at the time of passing missions you can hide behind numerous shelters in the form of boxes, tables, stone pillars and other things. As a weapon you will use an ordinary pistol, a couple of grenades and first-aid kits. Over time, you will earn money and you can spend it on increasing your arsenal by purchasing shotguns, assault rifles and even sniper rifles. All this allows you to significantly increase the chances of winning and successful completion of the mission.

The game will delight you with unexpected turning events, a high-quality three-dimensional picture, a large selection of weapons, learning enemies, the ability to change the character’s appearance and pump his characteristics.

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Updated 31.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.1.38
Publish Date 08.11.2018
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