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The description

Archero is a cute and addictive action game with a top view. The main character will be the fearless archer warrior, who alone goes on a journey through very dangerous lands swarming with monsters of all sizes and properties. In order to survive, players will help the character use all his agility, speed and maneuverability. And also phenomenal accuracy. Maneuver among the enemies and make well-aimed shots. And then look for the next point convenient for shooting. Collecting trophies will open up opportunities for improving the characteristics, buying new weapons, as well as opening armor for a more stylish appearance of our ward.

Archero is a cool action arcade game with an archer who travels through colorful locations and battles dozens of unusual monsters.

The gameplay is divided into several hundred levels and at each of them you will be waiting for ferocious creatures. The meaning of the game is quite simple – you must try to destroy all the monsters and at the same time not to die yourself.

You will control the character with one finger. The main problem is shooting. The hero chooses his own goals, and he can attack enemies only at the moment when he stands in one place. At this moment, it is the most vulnerable and you have to constantly keep your finger near the screen to quickly dodge the projectile. Enemies are also armed with bows and arrows, someone spits poisonous liquid at you, and someone just wants to strike with a sword.

Each time you move to a new level, you will have a very difficult choice to pump: power weapons, increase the amount of health, or add one of the proposed effects. Choose the most suitable boosters for you and try to complete the maximum number of levels in one attempt.

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Updated 24.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.4.1
Publish Date 25.05.2019
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