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The description

inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 is a mobile application for Android, which connects to the on-board computer of the car using OBD-II via Bluetooth / Wifi, regardless of the protocol and make of the car. The application provides ample opportunities for on-board vehicle diagnostics. If you don’t have an OBD adapter, you can use the application: GPS mode (speed, altitude), motorist’s diary (refueling, shopping, maintenance), creating reminders.


It works as an OBD2 error scanner: it reads the Check Engine (MIL) state, error decoding, the corresponding freeze frames, allows you to find a description and clear the stored diagnostic error codes (DTC). Allows you to save and forward diagnostic data to find professional advice and troubleshooting tips. Please note that only the parameters described by the OBD-II standard are supported – engine and exhaust.

Real time options

It reads OBD2 engine and car operation parameters: speed, revolutions, temperature, pressure, lambda and many other parameters supported in your car. It is possible to display both in the form of graphs and in the form of arrow / digital scales. Please note that the specific list of available options depends on the make / model / year of your car.


A mode for monitoring and displaying fuel consumption data. Shows both real-time parameters (instantaneous and average consumption) and total data for the trip, for the day and other statistics. Please note that the mode is available if the necessary parameters for calculation are supported in the car (MAF or MAP + IAT + RPM). In some cases, it is necessary to indicate the engine capacity (in cc) and volumetric efficiency (in%, default 80).

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Updated 02.07.2020
Category Transportation
Latest Version 7.5.2
Publish Date 04.03.2020
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